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Tempest condi guide/build

Discussion in 'Guides and Builds' started by Inspired Memories, May 8, 2016.

  1. Inspired Memories

    Inspired Memories New Member

    Hey guys this is my build


    Superiour Sigil of Bursting on your Dagger and Smouldering for your Focus.

    Sinister armour prefix is the preferred but, if you're unable to obtain it, go for Rabid which is just as good - gives condi as main and precision as secondary which you need crit change for that burn change on crit. However, ss long as it's main stat is condition damage then it should be ok still. Runes you should have on will be Superiour Rune of Balthazar.

    So specializations:

    Fire 1, 3, 2.

    Arcane 1, 3, 2.

    Tempest 1, 3, 2.

    Utility skills:

    Arcane Brilliance, Glyph of Elemental Power, Arcane Power, Signet of Fire.

    With the Fire tree(specialization), you're going to be causing burning with critical hits with the first column, second column your skills will recharge faster and you deal 10% more damage, so it'll be better than the bottom trait where you gain 10% more condi dps. Third column makes your lava font (fire field) last longer, so it'll help with might phase/stacking when going to burn.

    With the Arcane tree(specialization), you're going to be causing burning based on your attunement if you're in fire attunement, vulnerability in water, weakness in air, bleeding in earth) in your first column, second column you'll stay alive more , once you reach under 25% health you automatically gain an Arcane Shield blocking 3 attacks, when it explodes it'll cause burning to the target. Third Column, your Arcane skills will recharge faster, apply a condition to your target and finally you gain more Ferocity, this trait will be useful when you're using the recommended utilities further up.

    With the Tempest tree(specialization), you're going to have a stun break if the husks try to knock you away, it'll cause the 'Gale Song' trait to activate, breaking it's stun of you in the first column, second column trait will grant you stability when you're overloading Fire (it grants stability on all overloads), while overloading Fire you'll gain some nice pulse burning and a few stacks of might to increase your condi dps out, once you're out of your overload you'll then gain an additional 10% more damage increase. Third column, when inside overload, you'll gain massive resistance to the following: Immobilize, Crippled and Chilled, husks will do Immobilize a fair decent amount of time to you. So it'll be really handy, specially when soloing, you'll also gain 100% condition duration if a veteran wurm decides to poison you.

    Rotation: Burning Speed, Overload Fire, while inside the Overload Fire, activate Glyph of Elemental Power and Arcane Power, it doesn't disrupt the Overload, after that you'll want to use Fire Shield, it'll cause burning to the Husk when you exit Overload and he's whacking you about, then use Flame Wall to keep the Burning stacks going. After that, just repeat the following, Burning Speed, Drake's Breath then auto with Dragon's Claw until your skills recharge or your Overload is back up. Then use Overload with utilities again.

    If you're soloing your husk, you'll want Gale (air), Comet (water), Freezing Gust (water), if the bar still isn't broken, quickly swap to Ring of Earth (earth) or Magnetic Grasp (earth)

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