Subsquads [Even More WIP]

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    Just notes for now.

    Warrior/Berserker = Might, can provide fury if needed
    Herald = Might, Boon duration, Fury (mostly used for the last 2)
    Mesmer/Chrono = Alacrity, Quickness
    Ele/Tempest = DPS, can provide fury if needed
    Guardian/Dragonhunter = Protection, DPS
    Thief/Daredevil = DPS
    Ranger/Druid = Grace of the Land, Frost Spirit, Glyph of Empowerment
    Necro/Reaper = condi DPS, they suck at physical DPS
    Engineer = Regen, DPS

    DPS Hierarchy:
    Condi Druid>
    Condi Reaper>

    Priority utility buffs:
    Boon Duration
    Frost Spirit
    Grace of the Land
    Glyph of Empowerment
    Regen/Retal/Protection/other boons

    Base classes:
    Warrior - still useful for might
    Revenant - seriously, go get herald already
    Thief - okay, run s/p
    Mesmer - some quickness, can pair with DH
    Ranger - low dps unless condi, run frost spirit
    Necro - epidemic?
    Ele - not a problem
    Guardian - fine

    Scrapper - run power

    Mesmer check: Signet of inspiration = yes, signet of ether is ok, any other signets = nope
    Thief check: Signet of Agility+Assassin Signet = yes
    Warrior: Signet of Fury+Healing Signet+Signet of Rage = yes, Signet of Might added = passable, any other signets = nope
    If a guardian/dragonhunter has any signet besides healing and bane signet, =nope
    Druid running any signets = nope

    Subgroup 1 - leave base classes that cannot provide utility
    Ranger, Necro, Reaper, Mesmer, Guardian, Engineer, Revenant​
    prioritize DPS people to get utilities
    if out of utilities (warrior/herald/chrono), no need for more subsquads
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    and then there was Ren :)
  3. Jayne

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    Add Ren to your wurm for 10% DPS.
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