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Rozey's 2v2 PvP Tournament! July 30th [Winners: Team Starburst, Pharis the Ranger, Seraha Windstrom]

Discussion in 'Guild Announcements' started by argonSpectre, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. argonSpectre

    argonSpectre EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    Where: [EVOS] Private Arena
    When: July 30th, 0.30UTC

    Alright, ladies, gentlemen, people in between or nowhere in particular! It's time for another 2v2 PvP Tournament, and let's hope for another glorious bloodbath! I hope you've all got partners in mind, but if you haven't, that's alright! Come along, regardless of your experience! We'll be doing this in the PvP room this time, so equipment not necessary! Bring your wiles and your guiles, your skills to rack up your kills!


    1. Non combatants will be in spectator mode.
    2. Matches will be in best 2 out of 3 rounds.
    3. This Tournament will be either single elimination or double elimination, depending on the number of entries. Double elimination consists of a Loser's Bracket, meaning 2 match losses result in disqualifying for the finals.


    1. Please arrive early to setup the teams. The tournament begins at 1.00UTC sharp, and late contestants will not be accepted.
    2. All teams must have 1 EVOS member. The other can be another EVOS member, a +1, friend, etc.
    3. Each match will consist of a best of three rounds.
    4. The round starts when all 4 contestants have '/bow'ed.
    5. You will be using only one toon throughout the entire match, however, you may change the build however you like in between matches. Specializations may be changed after every round instead.
    6. Necromancers and Druids get to start each round with half of their Life Force/Celestial meters filled.
    7. Only groups that have previously applied will be applicable to join. Groups may have a backup person registered in case of unforeseen issues.

    - First Place: Each first place winner gets items from the Cash Shop worth up to 1000 gems, each, OR [Bloody Red Dye] (248g)
    - Second Place: Each runner up receives a [Slime Green Dye] (118g)
    - Third Place: Total Makeover Dye Kit

    How to Apply:
    Each team sends one person to post with an entry list:

    Team: [Team Name]
    Member 1: [Username and competing toon]
    Member 2: [Username and competing toon]
    Backup Member: [Optional, Username and competing toon]
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  2. argonSpectre

    argonSpectre EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

  3. argonSpectre

    argonSpectre EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    The event has been pushed to the 30th due to unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Ryoushi

    Ryoushi New Member

    need a partner ..sign me up
  5. megagamer103

    megagamer103 New Member

    Team: Fantazzmagazzles
    Member 1: megagamer.4786 playing Laputi Pierce
    Member 2: zaius.7302 playing Kurtion of Death
    Backup Member: N/A

    Also first to apply! (somehow) xD
  6. I'll sign up. Partnering with Ryoushi.
  7. argonSpectre

    argonSpectre EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    Cool. State your usernames, character being used, and team name when ready.
  8. Ryoushi

    Ryoushi New Member

    Member 1: Racerwolf.2670 playing Ryoushi Grimmiger
    Member 2: Cloudsareyum.8120 playing ?
  9. Fear

    Fear EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    Teamname: Slublords
    Member 1: Fear.8903 on Fear The Ranger
    Member 2: arcdash.4039 on Taylor Riemann
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
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  10. unnie

    unnie New Member

    Teamname: wat
    Member 1: maquillages.3147 as Unnie
    Member 2: Marhorn.8394 as Ethelren
  11. argonSpectre

    argonSpectre EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    The winners are team Starburst, consisting of Seraha Stromwind, and your very own Pharis!
    In 2nd place was team Fantazzmagazzles of Laputi Pierce and Kurtion of Death, and team Slublords took in 3rd place, with Fear and Taylor.
  12. Skorra

    Skorra EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    Gratz, all! From the names I see up there, looks like it must have been one crazy tourney.

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