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[RnT] Triple Trouble Zerg (DPS) Builds

Discussion in 'Guides and Builds' started by Jayne, May 19, 2016.

  1. Jayne

    Jayne New Member

    Wurmslaying things.

    Reaper - Greatsword + Dagger/Warhorn

    Summon Blood Fiend | Well of Suffering, Blood Is Power, Signet of Spite | Summon Flesh Golem
    Spite 1-1-2, Blood Magic 2-3-1, Reaper 2-3-2​

    Daredevil - Staff + Shortbow

    Signet of Malice | Assassin's Signet, Signet of Agility, Haste | Thieves Guild
    Deadly Arts 2-3-3, Critical Strikes 1-2-1, Daredevil 1-1-3​

    Herald - Sword/Axe (Glint + Jalis)

    Facet of Nature, Facet of Darkness, Facet of Strength + Vengeful Hammers
    Devastation 2-3-1, Invocation 1-1-1, Herald 2-2-1​

    Druid - Staff + Greatsword

    Glyph of Rejuvenation | Frost Spirit, Glyph of Empowerment, Glyph of Alignment | Glyph of Unity
    Marksman 3-2-1, Skirmishing 2-1-1, Druid 2-2-1​

    Chronomancer - Sword/Shield + Sword/Focus

    Well of Eternity | Well of Action, Well of Recall, Signet of Inspiration | Time Warp
    Domination: 2-2-2, Inspiration: 1-1-2, Chronomancer: 3-3-2​

    Tempest- Dagger/Warhorn or Staff
    Arcane Brilliance | Signet of Fire, "Feel the Burn!", Lightning Storm | Glyph of Elementals
    Fire 1-1-1, Air 3-2-2 or 3-1-1, Tempest 3-3-3​

    Engineer - Hammer

    Healing Turret | Grenade Kit, Flamethrower, Elixir Gun | Elite Mortar Kit
    Explosives 3-2-1, Firearms 3-1-2, Scrapper 2-3-3​

    Berserker - Greatsword

    Healing Signet | Signet of Fury, Banner of Strength, Banner of Discipline | Battle Standard
    Strength 2-2-1, Tactics 3-3-3, Berserker 1-1-1​

    Dragonhunter - Hammer + Greatsword

    Purification | Bane Signet, Procession of Blades, "Retreat!" | "Feel My Wrath!"
    Zeal 2-3-3, Virtues 1-1-1, DH 1-2-3​

    Chat link version for pasting in game
  2. HuskYzPinto

    HuskYzPinto RnT Officer RnT Officer EVOS Member

    There is also a more updated version, feel free to check out "Wurm Channel -> Build Spam " description on gw2scouts teamspeak (these channels are in RnT section)

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