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PvP Tournament!

Discussion in 'Guild Hall' started by Inspired Memories, May 3, 2016.

  1. Inspired Memories

    Inspired Memories New Member

    Hey guys, it's Inspired Memories.

    Now, regarding to the upcoming arena event, it's going to be team-based and the prize is 2000 gems to each of the duo, so 2000 to that guy, 2000 to that guy for their combined effort in overcoming their opposition.

    Date/time: Wednesday the 18th of May at 6pm server time.

    Location: Guild Hall.

    Fee: Absolutely nothing, so you have nothing to lose when you do.

    Team size: 2 v 2

    How to win: You beat the opposition in a best of 3, you then move up to the next round, it'll be bracket based.

    Now for the final part and most important, the rules:

    Players must be present 15 mins before the event takes place, if you're not present by time the event starts - then I have no option but to automatically disqualify you.

    2. The teams will be mixed selection, so there will be no stacked teams.

    3. If you've disconnected, I'll give you 15 mins to return. If you do not show up, then I'll have to disqualify you.

    4. There will be no food consumables or utility consumables at all during this time.

    5. Trash talk is permitted to an extent, if you carry on after I tell you to stop. Then you're disqualified.

    6. You must play the class you register to me with. EG: Inspired Memories, I must play that as I registered it.
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  2. Gop

    Gop New Member

    2000 gems is a lot of gems. Makes me wish I was good at PvP. Or had at least played PvP before . . .
  3. Inspired Memories

    Inspired Memories New Member

    There's really nothing wrong trying out the tournament for fun, i'm mainly hosting this so A. The guild bonds together more. B. It's something generous to thank those who helped us so far.
  4. Kalianna Phoenix

    Kalianna Phoenix New Member

    I see in rule 4 you have put no food consumables twice. did you mean to say no food consumables and no utility consumables?
  5. Inspired Memories

    Inspired Memories New Member

    Uhhhhhh, yes.... I was tired. :<
  6. Sylent

    Sylent EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    So 6PM server time is like 2:00pm EST??

    This might be tough....
  7. Sylent

    Sylent EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Awww crap I missed it

    Who won?

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