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Post all the PET PHOTOS *A*

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by unnie, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. unnie

    unnie New Member

    We all tend to talk about our irl furr babies often in guild chat, so here is a place to show them off!

    I currently have three cats: Nimy, my oldest, and then Boomer and Jonesy, two brothers.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    My baby girl, Nimy. Rescued her while we were living in Belgium (named after the town we lived in at the time). She was 4 weeks old and alone, with a multitude of health problems, including a broken paw, and tail. That tail, would eventually have to be amputated, so she just has a little stub now :D Very happy girl, but incredibly shy and will only interact with family. She's the love of my life!

    and then there are the boys! Two very, very rambunctious little brothers. If you ever hear me yelling at cats in the background of raids, it's at these two. They're brothers, and not quite a year old yet. They are rescues as well, done through a local group in town. The photo above is totally my phone background... dem boys *u* (sleeping in dirty laundry... SIGHS)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Jonesy is the full grey one (left), and Boomer is the grey tabby (right). These are photos comparing them as kittens to them a few months ago LOL and then Boomer is sitting on my sister in the other photo... he's a very strange child. If I'm ever complaining that a cat has jumped on me midway through TT and is climbing my shoulders or begging to be held... it's Jones. My sister named Boomer, getting the idea from another cat at the rescue, and Jones... Jonesy is from Horrible Bosses the movie. Motherf--- Jones. Not even lying 8'D I call him Bubu though. Because he is a bubu.......
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  2. Sci

    Sci New Member

    Waaaah such cute kitties!

    Heres my beautiful son Quint. Hes a Mynah bird which are common in the wild where I live. We found him in our front yard after he fell out of a tall palm tree so I ended up raising him myself! He's 3 years old now but still has a broken toe that never healed right. But hes otherwise Very healthy and even can say a few words! (he can say 'hi baby', sweetie, make fake sneezing sounds, and makes a deep chuckling sound or goes 'BOOO BOOO BOOO' if you tell him to do his evil laugh or monster sounds :D)

    heres him a week after I found him,[​IMG]

    a few weeks later, all fluffy and at his cutest (this is still my phone background years later)


    and him now! all grown up, trying to steal my gw2 account


    He even got on the local news once when nearby construction scared him and he flew away...And ended up in a viral video online. He was gone for a whole week because he landed on someone and they liked him so much they kept him till they saw the story and brought him back.

    Hes not fancy like a parrot, but hes a very smart little bird who I love a lot. <3
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  3. AbsolDesaster

    AbsolDesaster New Member EVOS Member

    Are small doggos allowed
    This is Frida, insightfully looking out the window.

    (rip blurry image, ty shitty iphone camera)

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  4. Krogans

    Krogans New Member

    ^^^Oh gosh so many good babs QuQ

    This is my cat, Freya. I adopted her when she was 8ish, and she's 12ish now. She's a short, sleepy old lady, a little chatty, loves watching charr tails.
    20170620_175208.jpg 20170318_165905_HDR.jpg 20170218_173156_HDR.jpg

    And this is my sister's cat, Baxter, who's about 3 or 4 now I think. He's got energy for days, is endlessly chatting and trying to drink from every tap in the house. He will eat any plant/vegetable he can reach--my sis left a butternut squash out on her counter once and came home to find teeth marks on it. .__.

    20160915_134312.jpg 20160212_210535.jpg
    He's also p good for stacking stuff on. :v
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  5. Krogans

    Krogans New Member

    And not a pet (yET), but this is a coturnix quail! They're short, round little birbs, produce small yummy eggs, and the males make a weird warbly/twittery sound. Also, can be raised indoors in areas that otherwise have poultry zoning restrictions. As soon as I get a stable job, I'm absolutely going to try and hatch and raise some of these little puffballs <3
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  6. Dalennau

    Dalennau New Member

    This one is mine. terrasleep.jpg

    Her name is Terra (it was a naming theme that started with my last one, Gale, who ran off while a friend was looking after them when I was in training elsewhere), and she's a sweetheart. Easily spooked, but affectionate. She'll sleep near you on the bed and not try to wake you up unless you do so yourself, then she'll come up to your face for attention. She's also a little bit of a spoiled princess, ha.

    She's traveled a lot more than I would have liked to put her through, but she's been a trooper, and now she's currently with me again where she can relax a bit.
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  7. Julie

    Julie New Member

    Here's a pic of Coco and Snowball. I had Snow since she was a couple of months old. Coco we adopted him about 2 years ago, which it took Snowball all this time to get used to his morning ambushes XD. It's hard to believe they will be 10 next year :p.
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  8. Krogans

    Krogans New Member

    Those are some A+ cat loaves <3
  9. Skorra

    Skorra EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    What a calm tablecat your sis has. Moar treats for Baxter! Usually, attempts at creating tablecats end in disaster :D
  10. unnie

    unnie New Member


    so fat *w*
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  11. Julie

    Julie New Member

    Soo many cute babies :)
  12. Krogans

    Krogans New Member

    I made a big friend yesterday 8V
    Sweet Doogle.jpg
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  13. Skorra

    Skorra EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    Omg, so adorable! The smile on that pupper--I just want to give it a big hug and then go running around with it in a park 8). Yours, or just a new buddy for the day?
  14. Krogans

    Krogans New Member

    Just a buddy for a day, unfortunately! Coworker had a shindig at her house and didn't mention she had a BIG OL DOOGLE MADE OF KISSES~~ definitely exhausted myself playing fetch with her in the backyard, lol.
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  15. Alia

    Alia EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

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  16. Sinister Enigmas

    Sinister Enigmas New Member

    ok well pics were too big but put some on imgur , here is link below, and also there is pics of my wife and 5 year old daughter there too. :

  17. Sayonara

    Sayonara New Member

    dont see any

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