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Pharis' music thread

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by AbsolDesaster, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. AbsolDesaster

    AbsolDesaster New Member EVOS Member

    So uh, i'm a bit of a music enthusiast and I've wanted to do one of these for a while, so yeah: music thread. Post your favorite songs here, shitpost songs are welcome as well I guess, keep the memes spicy. I'll post here semi-daily, I want to share some of the awesome music I've found. I'll put a little description of the song too, with the genre and some recommendations. I'll be posting mostly rock things, so if you wanna help with the other sides of the music-spectrum then go ahead!
  2. LordKokkei

    LordKokkei New Member

    I found Amber's playlist
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  3. AbsolDesaster

    AbsolDesaster New Member EVOS Member

    Welcome to the first edition of Pharis' Music Corner (idfk I need a better name)! We'll start things off with a song that's been stuck on my head for a while now, and it's a decent introduction to the kind of stuff that I'll be posting here. I made a little description below the video detailing some of the basic things, and also the PNFR, or the Pharis' Newcomer Friendliness Rating. I may post some rather heavy/non PG songs in the future, and want to rate what I post with how easy-to-get-into the song is. I'll also post the band's site if they have it, but anyway. Without further ado:

    (If you can, go listen to the song on the highest quality possible, or on Spotify or somewhere where the quality is better, YouTube's sound messes some bits from a couple songs. This disclaimer is probably going to show up on my other posts because its true :c)

    Earthmover - by Vasudeva
    Genre: Math Rock, Prog Rock
    Pharis' Newcomer Friendliness Rating: think everyone can enjoy this, 9/10
    Band site: https://vasudeva.bandcamp.com/

    I LOVE THIS BAND, and I will definitely post more from them in the future. ALSO MATH ROCK IS AMAZING, that genre is too underrated and needs some spotlight badly. Hope you liked this one, if you have similar stuff to this then please do tell me, I would appreciate it very much.
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  4. AbsolDesaster

    AbsolDesaster New Member EVOS Member


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  5. Sefane

    Sefane New Member

    Yo! Here is my first submission.

    The C90s - Shine a Light (Remix by Flight Facilities)
    Band Genre:
    Disco, house, indie pop, electronic
    Origin: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Years Active: 2009 - present
    Band site: http://www.flightfacilities.com/

    Flight Facilities has a LOT of good songs. This is one I've just recently listened to. Those of you that played GTA 5 might recognize it. Anyway, enjoy.
  6. AbsolDesaster

    AbsolDesaster New Member EVOS Member

    Sooo hey, welcome to the not-so-semi-daily-anymore edition of Pharis' Music Corner.
    So, today's song: (No Spotify for this one :c)

    Dymaxion - by Earth is a Man
    Genre: Math Rock, Prog Rock
    Pharis' Newcomer Friendliness Rating: think everyone can enjoy this, really cute. 9/10
    Band site: http://theearthisaman.bandcamp.com/

    This band is pretty good, sadly they aren't very well known and I don't think they make much music anymore. This album is really great though and I would recommend it as I find it rather relaxing. (Full album: )
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