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happy birtday EVOS

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Great Leader Caeo, May 17, 2016.

  1. Great Leader Caeo

    Great Leader Caeo New Member

    tree master race (before those pesky charr sabotaged us (my father will hear about this))
  2. Nightlark

    Nightlark Community Manager EVOS Officer

    Technically, the birthday of EVOS was about half a year ago ;)
  3. Jayne

    Jayne New Member

    Those birthday celebrations being next to nothing, though...

    Congratulations on a year of map chat wurm kills!
  4. Rhianwen

    Rhianwen New Member

    tree master race for real tho ;)
  5. redkite

    redkite New Member

    happy first kill anniversary
    (charr master race)
  6. RenArknem

    RenArknem New Member

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