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Guild Meeting Summary - 18 Jan 2016

Discussion in 'Guild Hall' started by Jayne, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Jayne

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    ***Underlines indicate official statements.***

    ~ Husk Blocking ~

    (most of the points here are individual comments and opinions)

    The stance remains: No blocking on official EVOS TT runs.

    > Knowledge of blocking is still limited, mainly to reflect team.

    > Blocking should be the decision of the condi team, working together with reflect.
    >> Combined defence squad has been helpful in communication along with a dps boost with the larger party.
    >>> If blocking were to be agreed on this squad would help out a lot.

    > Blocking should not be done as long as a condi team has been formed.

    > Blocking does not need to be taught to new reflectors, it is an advanced method.

    > Opportunities to learn blocking now exist at reset and sometimes second maps.

    > There is no intention of defaulting to blocking at any run, only to see it as an option.

    > Emergency situations - too many mistakes or just learning? - no one should be yelled at.

    > Amber husks on zerg - commander timing, zerg stability, amber breakbar timing all contribute.

    If there are any issues between blockers and non-blockers, please refer to an officer as there have been similar issues in the past.

    ~ Guild spawned fun runs ~

    Guild spawns can now be used - includes various fun TT runs which may need blockers.
    Decision: Guild spawns will be every Sunday after the guild run.

    - Intended as a place to try things out, perhaps learn details of the roles with less pressure to succeed.

    ~ Defence team promotion ~

    We should encourage recognition of the few people who make a lot of the difference in every run.

    > Often there are no new players to teach, or they leave before it starts.

    > Problem in advertising? No way for new players to know what the roles mean unless they are already familiar with the terms.

    > Commanders may be able to help recruit, should explain the basics to the zerg.

    > New players need to be assured that they are welcome regardless of gear/knowledge.

    > Issue of the same people filling up the teams every time - if people know someone is already there, why step up?

    > Afkers - commonly confuse reflect gathering spot for cobalt - setup being sped up to avoid that.

    > Running while short on teams is an option that has motivated people to learn the required roles before.


    > Less room for mistakes (but commanders should be prepared for eggs out)

    > Easy for veterans to make it impossible to tell if you're doing well.

    > Suggested that reflect leads (veterans) stand on their own and try to invite new players in, then watch during the run.

    > 1:2 ratio of teacher to new people works.


    > Incident of kicking for being ungeared - should not happen again.

    > Often ungeared players will leave because they think they won't be as useful - need to let them know that CC is just as important.

    > More experienced players should probably be geared, but even a cheap set is enough.

    ~ Alternate maps ~

    > Taxis are mainly filled up by veteran TT players who know when and what to look out for.

    > Starting on a fuller map - may bring in more people who would otherwise miss it, but more likely to be missing defences.

    > Few people actually require a full explanation at our maps.

    > Suggested new commanders day (or reflect or condi) - with shadows as needed. New players in important roles does not necessarily mean failure. (This was tried successfully after the meeting.)

    > Pug singles - good place to explain the fight to people and direct them to larger organized maps.

    > Commander training - should we consider asking the map before the guild? On second maps usually all commanders are EVOS.

    > The map being unofficial is not an issue - people will join anything that appears organized.

    Organized events of other types are also encouraged.

    Boss train map

    > Asks for a few experienced players to help set up each role, when the map is opened it is almost completely pugs.

    > Second map tends to get the overflow of experienced players after the EVOS map.

    > Tries to use a continuous setup style, so that nobody is left waiting for long periods of time.

    > Consider using second maps such as these to try setting up or leading a new role.

    ~ Future meetings ~

    Guild members are encouraged to keep talking about important issues such as blocking.

    We will try to keep meetings happening every 2 weeks.
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    should this not be in the news and announcement tab?

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