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Guild Meeting Minutes

Discussion in 'Guild Hall' started by Sylent, May 22, 2016.

  1. Sylent

    Sylent EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    EVOS Guild Meeting Notes
    May 22, 2016

    Training Raids:
    • The first training raid was a huge success. We hope to be able to kill VG in the next few weeks. Next training raid will be the same time, Wednesday after TT, meet in the Guild Hall at 4:45am server time for setup.

    • We will continue to do VG until an EVOS group gets the kill to learn the raid mechanics and class specifics. Once we have a VG kill we will expand to teach the other raid bosses.

    • At this time no alternative raid slot is setup but we will be working on another training slot between reset and EVOS TT for those who cannot make it after TT.

    • We recommend you work on your ascended gear for raids, if you have any questions on how to obtain the gear, what stats to use, what class to setup, please message Sylent Knyte or Nyyon.

    Guild Missions:
    • The 2nd guild missions is in the process of being worked out for a time slot before TT for those who cannot attend the regular timeslot. If you are interested in leading this slot, please message Jayne Summerfield. A time will be announced soon.

    HOT Events:
    • Jayne Summerfield will be organizing TD (Gerent). If you are interested in leading/learning to lead, message Jayne Summmerfield so we can organize a regular timeslot among the leaders. We will be finalizing a timeslot within the next 2 weeks.

    • We are focusing on setting up AB and TD events at this time. Once these events are setup and running smoothly we may add other events.

    • The goal is to set them up similarly to TT, where everyone has an opportunity to setup the event, command and learn the meta. It is not that these maps need us to organize, it is a fun way for EVOS members to hangout and get more involved outside of TT.

    Hide and Seek:

    • Inspired Memories will be organizing a Hide and Seek event for EVOS members on a monthly basis. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 players. The first Hide and Seek will occur on May 27th at 9pm server time. Message Inspired Memories if you are interested or have questions.

    PVP Tournament:

    • Inspired Memories will be organizing an EVOS PvP tournament. The next date and details will be announced shortly. For any questions, please message Inspired Memories.

    TT Blocking:
    • EVOS WILL be teaching Husk blocking. Husk blocking is an effective system that we will begin to utilize in specific circumstances.

    • Every Sunday each week we will promote and teaching Husk Blocking. We WILL still need condi to backup the blocking, especially as people are learning. A team of 2-3 condi per wurm will still be required while blockers are in place. Condi will also deal with vets on the blocking team.

    • The commander may ask the reflect team to block husks, this is at the discretion of the commander. This strategy is especially useful for the final husks at Amber to avoid a potential miss.

    Defense Team Squads:
    • We will be combining reflect and condi teams to facilitate better communication. Since we will be allowing blocking, the communication between the two groups will be essential and will only be possible in 1 squad. Join the same squad regardless if we have blockers or not.
    If you have any further questions post a message below or message one of the officers in-game.


  2. Jayne

    Jayne New Member

    Update on 2nd guild mission slot: This has been set for Sunday (Monday UTC) after the reset Tequatl.

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