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guild meeting: 6.17.17

Discussion in 'Guild Announcements' started by Caesura, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    A brief meeting was had, here's what you missed:
    • Due to the departure of Alia (caused the necessities of her time, we wish her well, and she will still be around when she can be) the officers are currently reconfiguring themselves to better serve you, the members. More stuff to come on that front in the future.
    • The officers wish to remind everyone that setup is not a them-only procedure: if the membership wants to learn more about How Setup Works, check out this newly updated guide here by Calfurai (when Calf is done incorporating some tweaks, oops.)
    • Commanders! We need them! Guides here! We will teach you! We have resources! Come yell at 40 people at once!
    • We will be holding the comm tag lottery again in early July, look forward to that. We will probably be broadening eligibility to include condi leads, and perhaps reflect.
    • A number of bullet points regarding set up et al (from meeting/last week or so), procedures subject to change:
      • Remember to taxi for TTS with their teamspeak (ts.ttsgamers.com) in the message/advertisments, et al: it's a shared run. They get credit too.
      • Block schedule changed. See MotD for details, but basically everything has been shifted so no block day and fresh blood night line up.
      • Condi leads are encouraged to apple tag the hill so we have a place to send their people.
      • Reflect is to send any confused condi to the apple tags.
      • If reflect can bounce a message of their numbers around the :40-45m mark or so people know if they can reflect or if it's full, that would be good
      • Please try to have condi and reflect either merged or clarified about merge deadline by :50-55
      • Drop condi food with power/zerg food, coordinate in guild chat when each is dropped, because of the diversity of condi builds available.
    • As always: we appreciate people stepping up. Without you guys volunteering, we can't do it. Thank you for your hard work!
    • EVENTS!
      • Roze is coordinating a new PVP tournament, July 22nd, 30m after reset. More details here.
      • We are seeking feedback on events to be run: currently, we spontaneously run map metas when we feel like it/when it is daily, do a handful of dungeon runs that seem appropriate, and we have 2-3 daily t4 groups.
      • Which of the following would be appealing to see added or expanded upon?
        • Regularly repeated map metas (HoT maps, Dry Top)
        • HoT event chain completions (ie, starting at the end of a meta and finishing a whole chain, like Verdant Brink's Noble outpost or Eastwatch for Auric Basin)
        • HP trains
        • Dungeon completion runs (story, a few paths. More difficult paths would probably be spread out.)
        • PVP tournaments
        • PVP practice/dueling time
        • Other content that I will explain below!
  2. Krogans

    Krogans New Member

    So I don't have a lot of time I can reliably commit outside of TT to new events, but here's some stuff I would personally be interested in at least trying out, seeing if they hold water:
    • Tangled Depths meta (I haven't done all the lanes yet, but I'm p sure I could at least lead some of them if needed?)
    • TT Color Run--I dunno I just think it would be cool to look at (and minimally disruptive to mechanics) if we did a sort of fun-run day where everyone wore gear in some shade of the wurm they're at (reddish stuff at crim, orangeish at amber, etc.)? Just 4 teh lolz.
    • T1 fractals--I think I heard someone else mention this as well, and having completed a grand total of 2 fractals, I'd definitely be down for a group or a day to run those lower level ones, just because getting your feet wet in anything new is kinda scary :) Once I'm more familiar with them myself (like, run through all the maps at least once so I know what the heck I'm doin), I would be willing to help organize this moar, tho I could at least set it up as a n00b~
    • As less regular events, I would be interested in HoT event chains and metas--as long as I have time to prepare for it/know when it's happening, I can usually make time for it. I'm wondering if forum posts (like, maybe just a thread to post upcoming events?) would be a practical/helpful thing? It's easier for me to check the forums than log into gw2 sometimes, so even if it's a spur of the moment thing, a quick post like "hey, some of us are doing x event at y o'clock!" might help pull people in without filling up the guild message or having to announce it way in advance/often in gchat. Dunno if it's practical, just a thought. :)
    Thanks for organizing/keeping us all posted on changes btw!
  3. argonSpectre

    argonSpectre EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    Yup. trying to see where I can fit the HoT Metas or assign someone to lead them once a week, possibly.

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