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Guild Lotto - First Triple Kill Anniversary

Discussion in 'Guild Hall' started by Jayne, May 16, 2016.

  1. Jayne

    Jayne New Member

    In celebration of EVOS's first triple decap and kill (Reddit post) on May 17th (18th UTC) 2015, we're holding a guild lotto! Rules have changed slightly from previous lottos, so please read below.

    Send entries to Jayne Summerfield (Trindine.4076).
    The lotto will end May 22nd (23rd UTC) at the 3:30AM TT run.

    Rule 1: Only full gold is accepted for ticket count. Any coppers or silvers will be considered as donations to the guild.
    Rule 2: One gold = one guild lotto ticket. Only ten tickets per person are allowed.
    Rule 3: Guild officers are not allowed to join the lotto.
    Rule 4: When sending gold for the guild lotto you MUST include your account name (Name.xxxx).
    Rule 5: The winner will get half of all the gold that was put in to the lotto, and the other half will go for the guild to help pay for food and stuffs to help out with guild expenses.
    Rule 6: No refunds.
    Rule 7: Any gold that was paid after the ten tickets limit will be considered donation to the lotto pool.
    Rule 8: Winner donations are accepted on one condition: you must follow through or you will not be in the upcoming guild lottos.
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