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Friend or Foe?

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2 Discussions' started by Jayne, May 2, 2016.

  1. Jayne

    Jayne New Member

    Article by Melon Mel.

    Where do they come from? What is their purpose?
    There is little available information on the mysterious Ayef Kayer.


    They dwell in packs in warm places, always watching and always silent.
    Some ayef kayers have been found to prefer living in solitude. Lone ayef kayers tend to stay in colder areas near the campfire at the Firthside Vigil Campsite.
    Ayef kayers cannot be caught due to a strange property called ‘clipping’.

    Commander Nyyon has conducted many experiments on ayef kayers and have found that normal attacks do no damage to them, however, large and flashy attacks can sometimes cause ayef kayers to move. Whether this movement harms the ayef kayer is unknown but once an ayef kayer moves, they are never seen again. This characteristic is similar to that of the Gold Coin.

    We are unsure of how ayef kayers reproduce but there have been some sightings of players transforming into ayef kayers. This transformation has been labelled as ‘Biarbee’. Perhaps the ayef kayers reproduce by converting healthy players into one of their silent kind. Last month, Officer Kasen Vixen discovered that the phrase “JOIN A COMMANDER OR GKICK” could reverse the supposed ayef kayer transformation on players however this only worked on members of EVOS.

    Players suffering from Biarbee tend to have the follow symptoms:
    • They allow hostile mobs to attack them
    • They do not accept party invites
    • They say “soz dinner” in the middle of conversations
    If you believe that someone has Biarbee, it is recommended that you interrupt the Biarbee process before they completely transform into an ayef kayer.

    There have been rumors surrounding the topic of Officers Cresenti Swiftstorm and Ren Arknem struggling with Biarbee transformation but both officers have denied any claims of having Biarbee.

    Leader Sadraal has also been reported as someone who is very still and silent. When we questioned him about the possibility of him being an ayef kayer, he did not respond.

    The ayef kayer is a mysterious creature but we have found that they are not directly dangerous. Their true power is something called ‘upskal’ which causes hostile mobs to increase in power. This can be devastating towards lower level players so we recommend that you do not stay near an ayef kayer unless you are well equipped.

    Will we ever come to understand the silent ayef kayer? Only time can tell.
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  2. redkite

    redkite New Member

    Ayef Kayers are everywhere.
  3. HuskYzPinto

    HuskYzPinto RnT Officer RnT Officer EVOS Member

    what if one falls asleep during the setup, do they count as ayef kayer? hmm
  4. Nightlark

    Nightlark Community Manager EVOS Officer

    As a recovering ayef kayer, I can confirm that falling asleep during setup is a strong symptom. I used to always fall asleep, and overcoming that difficulty has been a crucial step in my recovery.
  5. Alia

    Alia EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    What about their silent cousins, the invisible players who appear on no rosters or friends lists but respond to stimuli? Are they perhaps ayef kayers in recovery, or an entirely new breed of player?
  6. Nightlark

    Nightlark Community Manager EVOS Officer

    They are different breed that follows a belief known as Pryva See.

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