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EVOS Static Raid

Discussion in 'Guild Announcements' started by Sylent, Mar 18, 2017.

What time works best for you

  1. 1 hour after reset

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  2. after TT

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  1. Sylent

    Sylent EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Hello everyone,

    For those who have been consistently attending the Training Raids Friday after TT, we are looking to see if there is interest for an EVOS Raid Static. The expectation is that people will show up weekly, the same group, and continue to improve and progress together. If you cannot make every week, put yourself down as a sub.

    I am looking for people who are able to commit 2-3 hours each week and who will be geared properly. Exotic is fine, ascended is ideal, but make sure you have the correct stats for your class. If you do not yet have the correct stats but are interested, state that in the post and we can help you get geared.

    I am thinking Sunday, 1 hour after reset until TT setup. That is 9:00pm to 11:30pm EST. Please reply if your are interested, also, feel free to suggest alternative times (we maybe able to get 2 groups together).
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  2. Sylent

    Sylent EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    If there is enough people for an eastern time zone, I will lead it myself.

    if there is enough for a pacific (like after TT) someone else can lead it....
    It all depends on interest, so put down your ideal times...
  3. SoraHalyn

    SoraHalyn New Member

    I'd be interested in joining~ However, I'm in PST, so most weekdays I'm only available to run after TT, though on weekends any time works, provided it's not in the early morning.
    Edit: If the run is on Friday or on Sunday, I may have to bow out every couple of weeks (3-4, usually), since traveling is not conducive to raids.

    My main characters are Nyx Adamaris (Mesmer), Yuki Kalani (Condi Druid in progress), and Gyan Kalani (Elementalist).
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  4. CyberDiva

    CyberDiva New Member

    I am definitely interested in the 1 hour after reset Sunday night raid!

    Primary Raid Character: Makali Kamakura (Berserk Dragonhunter)

    Secondaries if absolutely needed include:
    Helios of Esuberus (Condition Engineer)
    Sonia Sharu (Condition Elementalist)
    Tavia Blacktower (Ranger, build not set)
    Charayne Mahees (Warrior Berserker, build not set)
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2017
  5. Ideka

    Ideka New Member

    I'd like to sign up!

    My character name is Leo Van Wylde, am a fully ascended properly geared condi necro.

    Edit: Gonna add Wadekka, fully ascended condi PS warrior.

    I've killed VG once, that's pretty much all my experience...

    If it's after TT it should be fine for me any day, if it's 1 hour after reset, I can only guarantee weekends.
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  6. Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Ralph Waldo Emerson New Member

    I would totally do the 1 hour after reset slot (I'm EST).

    My toons are:
    Boy Bleu, Mr Mewseeks, Smashy Spice

    Edit: I can only commit to weekends realistically
  7. Tay

    Tay EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    Oh, i'm all for the hour after reset, that sounds perfect.

    I'm usually on Taylor Riemann, but in raids I'll probably bring my ranger Kiririn Senokoe since Revenant is not exactly...meta.
  8. argonSpectre

    argonSpectre EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    I can only commit weekends as well. Weekdays might be okay if it doesn't go too late.

    Toons: PS/Condi PS in exotic/ascended mix.
    Druid in Exotic Magis, and almost full ascended condi.
    working on mmore later. Reaper perhaps?
  9. Sylent

    Sylent EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Awesome guys, Im going to keep this post open through the weekend and then start to contact people about setting up a static.
    I want to make an announcement during the weekly training raid and go from there...

    For those who are PST, let us know, we might have enough interest to form a PST group after TT as well....
  10. Calfurai

    Calfurai EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    I can sub on weekends! I'm PST time zone. Calfurai is almost entirely ascended vipers (missing torch and 4 ascended trinkets). <3
  11. Gop

    Gop New Member

    I'd love to do it but like most things EVOSian I just can't make the times we're active anymore, which is why I miss things like the raid training and uh, TT, for example. It's a little better now with DST, but still I wouldn't expect to be able to make it reliably until at least five hours after reset, if not later. So that's at least half an hour after TT usually ends, at the earliest. The only exception is Thursdays, when I can do pretty much whenever.

    Other than not being able to log in during NA peak I've got the gear and I'd definitely be reliable week-to-week. I just need the knowledge and a late time slot :/
  12. HellBeast

    HellBeast New Member

    I would be interested in subbing on weekends since an hour after reset at the moment is within my time frame :D My available characters for raiding are:

    Rex Szantovich (Herald Revenant, full Ascended)
    Hadrianrath (PS Warrior, full Ascended Power gear, slowly working on Condi gear and learning condi rotation but not quite there yet)
    Lycaina Spiralblood (Staff Daredevil, learning rotation, full Ascended save pistol weapon)
    Spooky Thirteen (Condi Necro, full Ascended, learning rotation still)

    Sadly my experience in raids is very little beyond a few of the earlier raid training attempts. I'm usually either unavailable that late or am the odd man out (RIP Rev being useful, as he's my main). I would say put me down as sub since my schedule is capable of fluxing and may change all together in the future
  13. Scumbagicus

    Scumbagicus New Member

    Weekends would be best for me.
    I have:
    Power Chrono
    Power PS Warropr
    Staff Thief

    Currently Gearing:
    Healer Druid

    Will Eventually Gear:
    Condi Engi
  14. Quinn

    Quinn New Member

    Your suggested time sounds good. I can play FA d/wh ele (Bellona Bloodrazor, full ascended [i know, i gotta start learning useful rotations]), condi ranger (Ailbe Macumhaill, full exotic), and any type of power guardian (Nora Macnaidh, mostly ascended).
  15. Bael

    Bael New Member

    I'd love to go for it! have every class that have exotic atleast, down to learn anything (gotta move away from dps ele only). Gotta prove to my friends that chimpanzees can raid too!
  16. Vapientias

    Vapientias New Member

    Hi, I'm down to raid but I only have one character (full ascended berserker tempest). I'm on the west coast so both times are good for me. In game name is Veleritas.2647
  17. Lightrebellion

    Lightrebellion New Member

    Please put me down as a sub. My main is necro (That Guy Frank) with both condi and power exotic sets. Alts are dps zerker and spirit druid, also with exotic gear. All have ascended weapons and acc/rings. Have been playing for a few months, still working towards ascended armor for all. Only done escort training so far, but willing to learn VG and other wings.
  18. Sylent

    Sylent EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Looks like Sunday, 1 hour after reset will be our time slot.

    Looks like we are still looking for 1-2 more full time people...
    A druid or mesmer would be great and then DPS classes (condi ranger/ele/thief/PS).

    I will be getting a hold of people over the weekend/early weekday. I would like to begin the static Sunday, April 9th.

    In the future, hopefully we can get enough people to start a static raid after TT for the PST people.
  19. Boris

    Boris New Member

    I'm PST, but I have another static that runs after TT, so before works for me. I have power PS (need to practice rotation though), FA d/wh ele, staff ele (have gear, don't know rotation well), chrono (almost full commanders though; I'm poor), d/d or staff thief, magi druid, condi ranger, and condi engi.
  20. cyn

    cyn New Member

    I'd be down for this, Sunday 1hr after reset works well for me - full asc zerker scholar thief, working on others.

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