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EVOS Rules And Ethos

Discussion in 'Guild Announcements' started by Caesura, Aug 6, 2017.

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  1. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer


    EVOS is a guild in Guild Wars 2 that started off with the sole purpose of teaching its members and the public how to run Triple Trouble as we do, with no voice comms, through our daily Triple Trouble run. The guild has since expanded into a more general PVE focus for our members, with some weekly activities as well as spontaneous ones put on by the leadership and our members such as daily fractal parties, the odd daily meta, dungeon runs, and other things.

    To foster the friendly and supportive environment within the guild, here is a list of our guidelines and requirements.


    1. Conduct:
    All EVOS guild members are asked to be friendly, polite, and respectful to each other in guild chat. The guild as a whole draws members from a variety of backgrounds, and thus, if another member asks you to refrain from language they view as derogatory or hateful, please pause to reconsider the conversation, and if necessary, modify your speech. Be kind to each other, and support your fellow guildies.

    For the sake of respecting that people have a wide variety of experiences and goals in life, we ask our membership to refrain from getting into contentious debates or arguments, including politics and religion, in guild chat. If found to be disruptive, members may be asked to take their conversation elsewhere.

    We, the guild leadership, do not dictate community member's forms of expression though we do ask that no explicitly sexual content or hate speech be used in guild spaces. For a general definition of hate speech, please read more here.

    Should another member be found to be seriously offending or harassing others, this may be grounds for being kicked from the guild without recourse at the discretion of the officer handling the incident and in the view of past behavior. Please message a officer (Eagle, Life, or Silver Buffalo in the game roster/Officer in the Discord roster--tip, talking to someone who's online will get the fastest resolution) if there is a conflict going on so we can help you resolve the situation.

    We use Discord for voice communication (for stuff like meetings, teaching by request, parties, etc.) and text. All members should adhere to the conduct rules as outlined above with linked/uploaded images (including avatars), videos, voice, and text. We additionally request that you follow the Discord Terms of Service and the Guidelines.

    2. Further Conduct Clarifications:
    • Members are allowed to advertise for other guilds, LFG for parties/squads and events as long as said events are not during Triple Trouble or other event setup times.
    • Guild members are not obliged to only go to our Triple Trouble runs. Triple Trouble is where it is as an event because people share knowledge and their time.
    • EVOS is a no-rep required guild. We like it when you represent us at our events and elsewhere, so we can spread the public word of our guild, but it is not and never will be a requirement to do so.
    • We also request you adhere to the conduct guidelines in map and squad chat during public events, so we can promote the kind of friendly space we want to see into GW2. Don't bring the drama into mapchat, recap, Discord, etc, in other words.
    • If there are issues with our guild, any other guild leadership may contact our leaders to help sort stuff out as we'd like to see our members be helpful/promote our ethos.

    3. Activity
    Please come to Triple Trouble once a month, or to officially sanctioned guild activities that appear on the calendar, which is posted weekly via #announcements on discord. You must, as of September 2017, come to a guild event once a month to prevent being kicked from the guild.

    We do not always trigger the cleanout of the roster (or Purge, as it is affectionately known) but will always trigger one if we are at 400 or more members on the roster on the last week of each month. The Purge will happen within the first 7 days of the new month, at the roster officer's discretion: date will be announced at least one week out.

    If you need to be offline for more than one month, please speak to an officer about how you can remain in the guild.

    4. Volunteering:
    EVOS's events, etc, happen with the help and the assistance of others. Therefore, we have one simple request to all our members: help us make this work. At Triple Trouble, we need folks to step up and command wurms, reflect eggs and spit, and condi teams to kill husks. At other events, we need people to help us run them, lend tags, etc. HELP US HELP YOU.

    If you would like to plan a guild event and get guild input/promotion, please contact a officer.


    5. Current Officers:
    Silver Buffalo (founder rank)

    Eagle (Leadership & daily oversight)
    Caesura - contact in game at Ris Sabos or through forums.
    Synien/Aesrii - teaching practices/condi
    Aravind/Golkk - teacher oversight

    Life (Officers)
    tungstenKestrel/Valen - raids/GMs
    Arcdash/Tiy - raids
    Alifar/Skorra Gialli - roster/schedule
    Maquillages/Unnie - community/events

    Past officers that choose to remain with the guild are frequently honored with Honor Scout rank.
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  2. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    v. 1.0: August 6th, 2017 (Initial rules and ethos.)
    v. 1.5: July 27th, 2018 (Discord, officer listing added. Clarification of roles.)
    v. 1.5: August 9th (Added some images thanks to Ceryli/Annie for donating their work!)
    v. 1.5.1: September 5th (Added clarification of how/when roster clearout goes.)
    v. 1.5.2: November 2019 (updated officer roster, updated when purges are triggered)
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