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EVOS Rank Info

Discussion in 'Guild Hall' started by Jayne, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Jayne

    Jayne New Member

    Last updated April 26, 2016.

    Silver Buffalo - Guild founders, they keep the guild from exploding.

    Eagle - Guild leaders.

    Life - Lowest rank able to invite.

    Wurm Teacher/Reflect Teacher/Condi Teacher - People recognized for their ability to train others in the given role at TT. For those who are experienced in multiple roles their main preference will be used.

    Tenderfoot - Standard member rank, for anyone who has attended a Triple Trouble run since the last sweep.

    Scout - After inactivity sweeps all Tenderfoot ranks are reset to Scout. In the event of a sweep these will be the first to be removed.

    Inactive - Members who have informed the guild of their inactivity, to avoid sweeps. If you plan on going inactive, please try to estimate a length of time, after which you will be returned to Tenderfoot rank.

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