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EVOS Map Setup Guide [WIP]

Discussion in 'Guides and Builds' started by Jayne, May 4, 2016.

  1. Jayne

    Jayne New Member

    This guide is based on the EVOS main run at 3:30AM server time. As such, certain assumptions will be made - other guilds or timeslots will likely have their own differences. All specific times listed here are in server time.

    How to find server time: Open up options, under User Interface on the first tab switch the In-Game Clock to Server Time. The time will appear in the corner of your minimap.​

    *****Starting the Map*****

    3:00AM (half hour before map time) - Start looking for commanders through guild chat. Mention that new commanders are always welcome and that we can tag for them if necessary. Try to have all 3 commanders by 3:20.

    Lieutenants: Optionally, you can appoint a lieutenant to go along with any commander. They may be given the lieutenant abilities within the wurm squad to help with markers or subgroups. They can also serve as a backup in case of lag/disconnects/serious problems during the run.​

    3:25 - Start moving to Bloodtide Coast to look at existing maps. Try to switch to the different maps by using character select, guesting to other servers, or going to a guild hall and back. Estimate the population of the map by looking at the number of names around the campfire area.

    Map IPs: Maps are identified by their IP, found by typing "/ip" in chat and reading the last number before the colon and zero.
    Example: /ip returns - IP is 178.​

    3:30 - Map time! Select the map with the lowest population, based on reports from the different IPs. (If a new map spawns at any time between 3:25 and 3:30, you can claim it early - there won't be anything better!)

    Call the map in guild chat - once someone says "calling map" it will be considered official. Invite commanders to the map through a party, and ensure that all commanders are on the map before continuing. Start by announcing to map chat that EVOS will be using the map - this is your first claim that others can see.

    Taxis - Set up a squad with a yellow tag (to avoid confusion with the three wurms) and advertise a taxi in the World Bosses section. Taxis can also be posted in the Central Tyria sections to help with visibility.
    Example: "EVOS Triple Trouble (Evolved Jungle Wurm)"

    *****Defence Teams*****

    As soon as a condi lead gets on the map, start advertising that condi exists, being sure to mention both condi and CC. Ask for all interested people to stand on the hill, and say that parties will be started in 5 minutes. Emphasize that we want to train new people. Form parties of 5 if possible, giving priority to new players over veterans (but aiming to have a mix of both in every party).

    Numbers required: Minimum 3 players per wurm (1 per husk), maximum of 6 (if several new people). Smaller teams may want to consider having some husks blocked (prevented from spawning by someone from reflect). If there are blockers at the wurm, condi's role will include keeping vets away from the blockers along with killing any husks that come out.​

    Reflect: Start advertising as soon as someone is on the map, letting people know about the existence and purpose of reflect and emphasizing training for new players. Set up a tagless squad (have at least 2 people including the tag, person with tag leaves and rejoins) and invite in interested people at the Guild World Event symbol.

    Numbers required: Minimum 1 player per wurm, generally 2, 3 if one player is learning. Any more than that will make it difficult for each individual to know how well they are doing. If there are not enough reflectors or blockers, you can't do all wurms.​

    Squad setup: Reflect team is to form a squad (yellow tag). Set up subsquads - 2 crimson, 3 amber, 4 cobalt - group 1 is reserved for new joiners. Once everyone in reflect has moved to the correct subsquad and extras have left, the squad leader invites in each of the condi parties, who will move to their wurm squads. Shadows (someone to fill in if there is a disconnect or other problem) are to stay in subsquad 1. Reflectors will create new subsquads as needed for teaching, while condi teaching can be done within the wurm subsquad. When all teams are organized, drop the tag.

    Rare Veggie Pizza
    is dropped after the full squad is formed and announced in chat for zerg members with condi builds. All squads can split to their wurms for training when ready. By the time the wurm spawns, all defence members should be together in their wurm subsquads.

    *****Zerg Splits*****

    3:45 - Start looking at the numbers for a sense of how many wurms can be done. Remind people regularly that they should be stacked on the bonfire if they are zerging so that numbers can be counted. Expect people to continue joining the map from the world boss train, and split if triple numbers are obtained.

    The number of wurms should be decided before 3:55 based on the numbers currently in the map. At this point you should be committed, do not give in to pressure to do more wurms after you've decided on less than 3.

    Numbers for splits (rough estimates):
    20-25 - single crimson
    25-30 - single cobalt
    30-35 - single amber
    50-55 - double crimson and one other
    60-70 - double any two wurms
    80 - minimum for triple, try to get at least 90

    Players near the fire may be included in the total counts.

    Split: Any commanders who have a taxi up should inform their groups that they are starting a new squad. All commanders start a fresh squad and move to their locations. Inform the people on the map that it is time to split up and identify the colour of the tag for each wurm.

    Avoid using guild chat for organization from this point onward. Commanders are to communicate in map chat about the zerg numbers at each wurm. Urge people to stop afking on the fire and join one of the wurm squads.

    Wurm squads: Set up escort teams within squads, and explain escort and related achievements if necessary. Cobalt commander is responsible for the delay so should explain every time. A person at cobalt can also be appointed to watch the husk and call out if there is trouble delaying. Call out in map chat when your squad is ready.

    If the map is not yet full, squads can be advertised in LFG under World Bosses. Include the guild name and the wurm.
    : "EVOS TT Amber Wurm"​

    *****Food and Explanations*****

    When all commanders are ready, have food dropped near the fire or waypoint. Call to each zerg, along with map chat, to eat the food before moving out.

    Food to use:
    Orrian Steak Frittes - Power and Vitality
    Truffle Steaks - Power and Precision (30 minute duration! Drop at individual wurms if you choose to use these.)
    Steak and Asparagus - slightly weaker version of Truffle Steaks, but lasts 1 hour​
    Fire Flank Steaks - Power and Condition Damage

    Run along the path to the wurm spawn area, stopping by any necessary waypoints. Do not waypoint yourself, people will be following you especially if they are new or need the map areas unlocked.

    Remind people to keep map chat clear during explanations. When each commander finishes they should announce ready in map chat. Cobalt commander will watch for all 3 ready signals (say ready even if you are last), before making the call to kill the husk and spawn the wurm.

    *****The TTS Section*****

    TTS often sets up a Triple Trouble map in the same timeslot as EVOS (currently Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday using North American times). Members are asked to avoid Bloodtide Coast while numbers are gathered in their TeamSpeak, especially around the time that the EVOS map is chosen.

    TTS members around the fire can generally be ignored when checking map populations, as they will likely leave when asked through TS. Once the EVOS map is chosen, TTS commanders are informed, and they will ask people to leave the map and avoid advertising in it.

    TTS will not begin looking for a map until 3:40 at the earliest, generally closer to 3:45-3:50. Around this time, an afk check may be done which could involve moving people to one of the locations used for setup (usually the Guild World Event symbol where reflect is). Shortly after, the map is chosen, and everyone will taxi away.

    If any TTS member or person otherwise representing TTS is interfering with setup, please be polite in asking them to stop or move away. Many people at TT are members of both guilds and hostility is damaging to both sides. If any serious problems occur, they can be reported (ask Jayne if this becomes necessary).

    Thanks to (in no particular order): Swellmeister, Ris Sabos, Boris Nalaar, Alia Raziel, tungstenKestrel, Inspired Memories
    Last updated: 29 May 2016.
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  2. Jayne

    Jayne New Member

    Update 29 May:
    - Added section on lieutenants.
    - Specified the use of yellow tags for taxis.
    - Changed the defence team section while we test the new setup.
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  3. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Current scheduling and setup for defense teams is as follows (US-time days):

    Sunday through Tuesday: Condi and Reflect.
    Condi and reflect teams set up as described above.

    Wednesday: Anything goes.
    Literally, a day that is okay for blocks! Or not! If there's a blocker that wants to practice, just let condi know before there's a team there, i.e. before 3:35, when condi starts setting up teams. At blocked wurms, condi will set up a 3 player team there. Otherwise, setup as above.

    Thursday through Saturday: Block training, low condi.
    Reflect sets up to teach blocking if they have:
    • teachers who can teach blocks for either mesmer and elementalist (classes that can block all husks) or engineers and guardians (classes that can block some husks)
    • reflect students from the above classes who are already well-grounded in normal reflect
    • OR reflectors who have learned blocking that want practice.
    Reflect sets up to block as many wurms as is possible. If there are a low number of blockers, switch to setting up normal reflectors. Condi will need to know what wurms are being blocked or not by around 3:45-:50, as they will need time to pull in extra condi players if necessary. Teach new reflectors, and be ready to merge with condi around 3:55 at latest.

    Condi sets up to support reflect. As there will theoretically be less husks to kill, 3 player teams is the rule. You may add a shadow in case of emergencies or an extra member of a team for condi members who cannot solo. Mostly you will set up for emergency response teams.

    Instead of focusing on killing husks, here is the expanded roster of condi's duties as ERT:
    • getting eggs/larvae if any get out
    • husks, if any get out or if the blocker isn't a full blocker
    • making sure reflect is clear of vets -- very important as the clear arena depends on reflect being unharmed
    • resurrecting reflect if they die or go down, same as above
    • helping the regular zerg mechanics go, like running colors at Crimson, etc.
    If there is a lack of blockers, condi will set up teams fully as outlined above. Again, expect to hear word about blocks around 3:45 or so.

    In general:
    Where possible, please be sure to remind people during pre-map setup what day it is, and that if a commander wishes to have blocking at their wurm (such as for first and last husks) to let reflect and condi know ASAP so they may be accommodated.

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