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EVOS LOTTERY - rules/announcements!

Discussion in 'Guild Announcements' started by Caesura, May 6, 2017.

  1. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    1. Lotteries will be announced in the EVOS chat at the start of the lotto, promoted daily at TT, and a message will be put in the MOTD that will contain organizing officer/deadline information.
    2. To enter, mail whichever officer is running the entries with your ACCOUNT NAME (name.1234 format, visible on your contacts menu) and your gold before the posted deadline. Example entry here.
    3. Each ticket is 1g/ticket, with a max of 10g. Excess gold is given to the guild directly as donation. No refunds on tickets.
    4. A winner will be picked at random, using random.org or other randomizer, and will receive one half of the gold. The other half will go to the guild for consumables, and other expenses.
    5. In general: teachers, tenderfoots, and scouts may enter general lotteries, but officers (life/eagles) may not enter.

    1. Entry rules and announcement rules are the same as above, except when modified below.
    2. The amount of gold per ticket will stay the same, but the limit may be different. (IE, the lottery for the Tooth of Frostfang + 250 Nopals had a 15 ticket limit.)
    3. Instead of gold, the winner will receive the special item (25 BLTC Chest Keys, Tooth of Frostfang and 250 nopals, etc.)
    4. Officers may enter if it is allowed by the donator, so on a case-by-case basis.

    1. Funds awarded are HALF those required for a tag, so 150 g. We require a screencap of your bank or an api code with bank/wallet permissions (you can get it from accounts.arena.net and deactivate after we use it) we can use for verification with the proof that you have the OTHER HALF of the gold total and also at least half the badges of honor sometime in a month after you win, before you get the gold.
    1a. You have thirty days to get your gold: otherwise, the gold will be rolled back to the guild.
    2. We need you to have COMMANDED WITH US at least once before the end of the lottery. Either you can do this by commanding during the entry period, or if you have commanded with us and have proof you’ve done so prior to this, we will waive this requirement. (Screenshots with date, for example, counts as proof: proof validity for other proofs left to the officer in charge.)
    3. Entry fee is 1g / ticket, up to 7 tickets. Every time you command with us in the entry period, up to 3 times, is a free entry. So total of 10 tickets possible. This lottery still costs money, but money is being rolled back into the new tag fund, so you’re helping us pay for more tags later.
    4. We will be asking those who receive a tag to tag with us 4 times after, or use said tag to organize reflect, or tag for another! Please help us out.
  2. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Welcome to the first tag lottery of EVOS! Please note the rules! We will be running this from May 6th to May 14th, TT time. Countdown, here. I am in charge of the lottery and will be checking proof and answering questions.

    Please mail entries to Ris Sabos: proof can be mailed to my forums account.

    SPECIAL RULE: For the first lottery: if you got your tag in the last three months, you are eligible for entry. You still have to command or have proof you’ve commanded with us to qualify.
  3. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Vanalise was the winner, out of a total of 36 entries/4 entrants! May she wear her tag proudly.
  4. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Which is going to be followed up very quickly because July totally got away from us, so expect a tag lotto soon. But! We are giving away to one lucky winner—officers allowed, this time—one PERMANENT deluxe area ticket (that is not the Deluxe upgrade area or the PVP area, for logistical reasons) to our lucky winner! All tickets should be on sale during the anniversary if they're not on sale now, so when the anniversary sale is going on, you will get your pick of ticket items. Should your selected area not be available, we either purchase your second choice or we will make other arrangements.

    Here is a link to the most recent one, and there’s a list at the bottom of the page of the various passes. Winner will be mailed at the end of the lotto to be asked to pick their top one or two passes.

    This lotto will be from August 6th to August 13th. Winners will be drawn before Triple Trouble. Countdown to entry here. Enter by mailing Ris Sabos your entry, 10 ticket limit.

    Many thanks to Jay for helping to sponsor the lotto!
  5. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Congrats to Melle/Whitemage! And thanks for throwing your cash into the pool, folks!
  6. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    TAG LOTTO HAPPENING. From today, October 31rst until November 7th, TT time! TIME ZONE CONVERTER HERE!

    We are giving away two tag grants this time, and here are the MODIFIED RULES TO ENTRY.
    1. You can condi lead or help out at reflect: this gives you one ticket. Commanding counts as 2 tickets the first time you do it. All parts of TT are important to keep running and we want to make the tag lotto more accessible, but commanders are the most in need for tags.
    2. The total of three free tickets is still the same.
    3. Tags purchased in the last 6 months are eligible to enter. Honor system, please.
    4. You can now PM me proof of volunteering on discord as well as on the forums.
    5. You will still need to volunteer for 4 times after getting a tag!

    Please mail all gold entries to Ris Sabos with your full account name in the body of the message before the deadline!
  7. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    GRATS TO TAYLOR AND TAGHOL, our lotto winners!
  8. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

  9. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    2 New Anniversary Lottos for Ascended Armor!
    Effective 5/18 thru 5/25 at reset. Countdown
    Drawing after TT on the 25th.​

    Haven’t got a completed set of Ascended? This lotto is for you. For 50s per entry (max 10 entries /5g) Winner will receive 60G towards the funding of any ascended piece.

    Have a set of Ascended, but still working on more? Then Lotto 2 is what you want--this is for people who have created one full set of ascended gear. 1g per entry (10 entries max/10g) Winner will receive 60G towards the funding of any ascended piece.

    Standard EVOS lotto rules apply. Winner required to show their piece within 2 week to EVOS Officer. In-Game email to Nymblest to enter, with your username (name.1234 format). Be sure to specify which lotto. GOOD LUCK!

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