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EVOS GuildWars 1 Playthrough

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2 Discussions' started by Fear, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Fear

    Fear EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    Hello Friends!

    A lot of people have expressed interest in a playthrough of GW1 for the story content before we head into the next expansion. We've got enough people to where we can do a full play through of pretty much any campaign, however Prophecies and Nightfall are probably the most relevant now.

    Let me know in here if you want to join the playthrough! If we have enough people, we can get through the campaign at a reasonable pace, all while enjoying the original story of GW.

    Also post a name of your GW1 character so I can add you to past EVOS that I made for us to communicate easier.
  2. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer


    Guild Wars 1 is an old game, and as such has a werid, and dare I say, almost draconian set of rules of sale. You want EotN too, if only because stuff like charr and norn and FANCY SKINS are there. That cost no transmutes. I can hear the joy from here.

    The EASIEST, if potentially emotionally fraught way to get everything at once is here: purchase, then apply code and change region to NA. More details here.

    The MOST REASSURING way to get everything: Get the trilogy off Steam plus EotN from ArenaNet.

    Basically, once you redeem the steam link you can apply it directly with the cd code from steam to your install and bypass steam forever! Hooray! Then you buy EotN directly and apply it to your GW1 client..

    The I don’t care about story just give me a starting point for EotN way:
    Okay…well…here’s a core campaign and EotN, but honestly, I recommend the first two ways to buy GW1, because it will be EASIER to get points from the other two options.

    Also, a bunch of links on GW1, totally unsorted.

    (also i'm sure you're shocked that my war is Dyne Ausvarddottir and my nec is Ris Sabos.)
  3. Alia

    Alia EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Charactre Name: Amira Raziel

    This is for the people I was explaining scraping to:
    You have to "scrape" the map because all of those greyed out areas aren't automatically uncovered unless you get really close to the sides of the map. It's super annoying.
  4. Bloodycrisis

    Bloodycrisis New Member

    Character Name: Genth of the Light, Derv. I'd be down for a playthrough, and maybe some HotM points progression.
  5. Sci

    Sci New Member

    my characters name is Rhodelinne Prime (very original name, totally not stolen from my gw2 character) ive played a little of prophecies on my own but have only reached the shiverpeaks so im like lvl.. 11 i think

    excited to be able to play with real people! and not awful henchmen bots!
  6. unnie

    unnie New Member

    character name: Stella Desjarlais (pre-searing)

    I'm literally so new to gw1 but I'm going to make a post-searing character in a bit. I just bought nightfall >__>
  7. megagamer103

    megagamer103 New Member

    Character name: Laputi Pierce

    Obviously made a mesmer first xD. see how that goes.
  8. Skorra

    Skorra EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    I'm such a GW1 noob I'm typing this as I'm downloading starting world content for Prophecies xD. I made a ranger (must get GW1 pets!) and her name is Aila Foraoise.
  9. Tay

    Tay EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    If I do join you at some point, I will definitely be playing as my warrior...


    aka the character my rev is named after.
  10. Fear

    Fear EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    As of now, we have 11 people for the GW1 play through. We can now move on to figuring out when we're going to play. There are people who can't play weekends and some who can't play during the week. We may do two time spots so we can get everyone to participate. Can people post when they would be available for the story missions? Keep in mind that they don't take a long amount of time and they are mission based, so they're easy to repeat.

    Reply with when you can come, thanks!
  11. Lightrebellion

    Lightrebellion New Member

    I need to do a GW1 run, have all the expacs. My character name is Inara Hotep.
  12. Dalennau

    Dalennau New Member

    Hey, I'm interested in doing this, too, but my own schedule presents a challenge. I know I won't be able to participate through at least the 14th or 15th, if you guys are starting that soon, and almost the entirety of September I also won't be available. It's because of work, and I can do nothing but roll with it.

    If you're planning on doing multiple playthroughs, that may make it easier for me to jump in without causing issues for anyone else.

    For reference, my two most readily-available characters are:
    Tamrin Naele (Rang/Mes, level 20)
    Ceera Morgund (Necro/Ele, level 12)

    I have a level 10 Monk that I've kept as Pre-Searing, but I can move her over if a Monk is needed. Han Liao.

    Does it matter what level the characters are at? I've got more, though the remaining two are just started and are still in Nightfall/Factions.
  13. Skorra

    Skorra EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    In case time zones are helpful with planning in addition to times, I'm east coast U.S. I'd be most consistently available on weekends because my work commute during the week can be pretty ugly some days. If we do play on week nights, I usually get home around current reset Teq - sometimes as much as an hour before, but sometimes up to 20/30 min after. I may have standing plans for Tuesday nights in GW2, but will let you know for sure as soon as I find out. Other than that I can probably work with whatever schedule.
  14. Fear

    Fear EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    So I think I'm going to go ahead and propose two time slots that we can play, and they will alternate each week. Meaning the first week will be during the week day, and the following week will be on the weekend.

    The days that I'm thinking of taking are:
    Tuesday - 30m after reset
    Saturday - 2 hours before reset

    If that doesn't work for most people, let me know and I can change it.

    Otherwise, our first GW1 run will happen August 22nd on Tuesday!
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2017
  15. Bloodycrisis

    Bloodycrisis New Member

    Tuesday is the 22nd or did you mean Monday?
  16. Fear

    Fear EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    Meant the 22nd, woops! First run happens in 24 hours from now!
  17. Fear

    Fear EVOS Officer EVOS Officer

    Our first run was a great success!

    We have plans for the next run on Saturday the 26th, two hours before reset!

    If you want to catch up to us, we have just made it to Yak's Bend, the mission right after Nolani Academy!

    Thanks to everyone coming out!
  18. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    We got to the end of Borlis Pass! Not sure when the next mission is, but we will be catching people up as well as progressing to Lions Arch.
  19. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    WE GOT TO LION'S ARCH (hooray) and met the TOTALLY FRIENDLY JUSTICAR HABLION (......hooray????) AND MADE IT INTO THAT THERE MAGUUUUMMMAAA (rhode got eaten by things that live under trees twice times by my count but at least it wasn't a catapult)

    but of course we're not playing on Saturday this week unless you need to catch up. If you need to catch up to where we are! Contact one of us (not Fear this weekend, but one of those fine folks above) and yell about availability! We'll try to get you as close to us as possible!
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