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    ***Note: This guide is seriously incomplete. Not recommended for use beyond some quick entertainment.***

    Everything You Need To Know

    Guild Wars 2 calls this whole event ‘Triple Trouble’.
    The wurm is called the ‘Evolved Jungle Wurm’.
    It spawns on the Bloodtide Coast map.

    The Evolved Jungle Wurm has 3 heads which spawn at 3 places on the map.

    Kill them.

    How to Escort

    The escort team is the team which does the prequests for Triple Trouble.

    EVOS normally sets up a 5 member Escort Team for each commander.

    There are 3 asura brothers who want to spawn the 3 heads of the Evolved Jungle Wurm. Lead them to safety from the campfire to the spawn area.

    If one of the brothers is dead for over 4 minutes, the event will fail. Revive the brother.

    When the brother has built a structure, the escort team disbands and joins the Zerg Team for the rest of the fight.

    To stall the 3 wurm heads from spawning, the Cobalt Escort team (Crusador Xutt) does not attack the Husk near their goal. By not attacking the husk, you can choose when to spawn the wurm. If everyone’s ready, you can kill the husk.

    If every has done wurm before, there is no need for an escort team and the whole Zerg Team can do the prequest.

    How to Zerg (Main DPS group)

    This is the team that runs around and attacks the wurm.

    Listen to your commander.

    How to Command

    This is a guide on how to command a wurm run.

    Normally there are 3 commanders. One for each head.

    If you’re doing 1 head, you’ll only need 1 commander.

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