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evos.ga Condi Guide

Discussion in 'Guides and Builds' started by Jayne, May 2, 2016.

  1. Jayne

    Jayne New Member

    ***Please be aware that this guide is incomplete and possibly outdated.***

    The condi team kills Husks with condi damage. If you eat a Veggie Pizza, you will become strong.

    3 husks fly from the wurm’s mouth approximately every 90 seconds. The Wurm coughs out one Husk at a time.

    There are 5 people in the condi team, so put 2 people on Husk 1, another 2 people on Husk 2, and the pro guy on Husk 3.

    Kill the husks before they kill everyone else. When you kill your husk, go help kill other husks. When the husks are dead, you can join in burn phases.

    Amber Wurm Husk Locations:



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  2. Jayne

    Jayne New Member

    Community Builds

    Cadenza‘s Build:
    • Pistol/Pistol
    • Explosives: 3-2-2
    • Firearms: 1-1-3
    • Tools: 2-1-2
    • Healing Turret
    • Bomb Kit, Grenade Kit, Flamethrower
    • Mortar Kit
      • Supply Crate is also good. It has a Net Turret and Healing Turret inside.
    • Rune of Balthazar
    • 5 Nightmare, 1 Coral Orb/Diamond
    • Superior Sigil of Earth/Geomancy
      • Superior Sigil of Smoldering if you are very far under condi duration cap
    • Viper’s/Sinister
      • Rabid/Dire
    • Tip: You have enough time to plant Big ol’ Bomb and have it hit the husk if you’re quick to the spawn, this is what lets you run full damage utilities in a duo.
    Credits: Cadenza, Kuro

    Actually Male’s Build:
    • Druid Elite Speicialization
    • Survival 3-1-3
    • Skirmishing 1-3-2 (Shortbow)
      • Beastmastery 2-3-2 (No Shortbow)
    • Druid 1-3-3
    • Superior Rune of the Krait
      • Alternative: Superior Rune of Balthazar
    • Axe: Sigil of Agony
    • Torch: Sigil of Corruption
    • Shortbow: Sigil of Corruption, Sigil of Agony
      • Staff: Sigil of Water (For healing new condi teammate)
    • Troll Unguent, Signet of Renewal, Spike Trap, Muddy Terrain, Entangle

    Community Build:
    • Superior Rune of the Undead
    • Greatsword
    • Scepter/Dagger
    • Carrion and Sinister Gear
      • Maybe Rabid Gear
    • Signet of Vampirism, Signet of Spite, Epidemic, Blood is Power, Flesh Golem
      • Flesh golem for breakbar
      • Spectral Armour
    • Curses: 2-1-3
    • Soul Reaping: 1-2-3
    • Reaper: 2-2-2

    Inspired Memories’s Build:
    • Tempest Elite Specialization
    • Fire: 1-3-2
    • Air: 3-1-1
      • Arcane: 1-3-2 (more burn according to Glob of Fuz)
    • Tempest: 1-2-3
    • Superior Rune of Balthazar
    • Dagger: Superior Sigil of Smoldering
    • Focus: Superior Sigil of Bursting
    • Arcane Brilliance, Signet of Fire, Glyph of Elemental Power, Cleansing Fire, Rebound
      • Overload Fire has nice burn dps

    Actually Male’s Build:
    • Berserker Elite Specialization
    • Tactics: 3-2-3
    • Arms: 2-2-2
    • Berserker: 2-2-2
    • Longbow: Sigil of Corruption, Sigil of Smoldering
    • Sword: Sigil of Corruption
    • Torch: Sigil of Intelligence
    • Superior Rune of Balthazar
    • Healing Signet, Signet of Stamina, Stomp, Banner of Strength, Battle Standard
    Valkyrie Herjaza’s Build:
    • Arms: 2-3-2
    • Discipline: 2-1-3
    • Berserker: 1-2-2
    • Sinister and Viper Gear
    • Longbow: Smoldering, Agony
    • Sword: Agony
    • Torch: Smoldering
      • If you have lots of Viper’s gear, get Sigil of Malice/Bursting
    • Bring some banners, Shattering Blow, War Banner

    Glob of Fuz’s Build:
    • Corruption: 3-2-2
    • Invocation: 3-3-1
    • Devastation: 1-3-1
    • Demon Stance for Condi
    • Assassin Elite for CC and curing Condi
    • Mace/Axe
    • Staff
    • Use Superior Sigil of Corruption and Superior Sigil of Earth

    Ting Ting’s Build:
    • Zeal: 2 – 3 – 1
    • Radiance: 2 – 2 – 1
    • Virtues: 3 – 1 – 1
    • Greatsword
    • Scepter/Torch
    • Superior Sigil of Bursting/Corruption
    • Superior Sigil of Earth/Geomancy
    • Full Sinister
      • Optional: 2-3 pieces of Viper armour to reach 100% burning with Toxic Focusing Crystal
    • Shelter, Hammer of Wisdom, Sword of Justice, Purging Flames, Feel my Wrath
    • As Husk is being spat out, summon spirit weapons and use Frost Gun that you get from Gendarran Fields
      • Without Frost Gun, you need to be paired with someone.

    No Thief or Mesmer yet.
  3. Alia

    Alia EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Barbie Mesmer:
    • Illusions 1-3-1
    • Dueling 2-1-1
    • Chronomancer 2-3-2 OR Domination 3-2-3
    • Staff and Sceptre/Torch: Superior Sigil of Corruption and Superior Sigil of Malice
    • Full Sinister with Superior Runes of Undead
      • If sinister or vipers are not an option, Dire is my preferred option. Toughness keeps the squishies going.
    • Signet of the Ether, Mantra of Distraction, Mantra of Resolve OR Well of Calamity, Signet of Midnight, Signet of Humility OR Gravity Well

    • If using Corruption sigil, make sure you get the 25 stacks before fight starts
    • As husk is coming, spam Staff 5 (Chaos Storm) and Well of Calamity underneath. Spam staff illusions and chaos armour, then weapon swap. Use torch 5, then shatter illusions using any of the F2-F5 skills. Continue to swap between weapons, spamming chaos storm and summoning/shattering illusions --> most of the conditions come from consistently shattering.
      • Mantra of Distraction and Signet of Humility/Gravity Well contribute to breakbar
        • Signet of Humility has a longer cooldown but contributes more significantly to breakbar damage. It can also be used during phase 2 to break wurm bar. If used with Continuum Split, the cooldown is much less.
        • I do not recommend Gravity Well for Crimson condi. The husks move too fast and there are typically too many enemies that can also be aggroed.
      • Mantra of Resolve is a good swap for Well of Calamity even if Chronomancer line has been attained. As mentioned before, wells can be bad at Crimson because of the constant movement and larger number of enemies. In general, this build is also susceptible to conditions, so having a consistent condi clear is a good idea. This build is traited to give all mantras 3 casts instead of 2.
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  4. Alia

    Alia EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Alia Elementalist:
    • Fire 1-3-1
    • Arcane 1-3-1
    • Tempest 1-1-2 OR Earth 2-1-1
    • Dagger/Focus or Dagger/Warhorn: Superior Sigil of Corruption or Superior Sigil of Bursting and Superior Sigil of Malice
    • Full Sinister with Superior Runes of the Undead
      • If sinister or vipers are not an option, Dire is my preferred option. Toughness keeps the squishies going.
    • Elementalist Slots: Signet of Restoration, Cleansing Fire, Signet of Fire, Signet of Earth, Conjure Fiery Greatsword (Greater burn damage/usefulness to zerg) OR Tornado (Better CC)
    • Tempest Slots: Wash Away the Pain, Cleansing Fire, Feel the Burn, Aftershock, Conjure Fiery Greatsword (Greater burn damage/usefulness to zerg) OR Tornado (Better CC)

    • Start and stay on fire unless swapping to water/air for cc and heals
      • *Unless swapping so you can overload --> overload fire, air, earth for damage, water to keep yourself alive
    • Use cleansing fire to rid self of conditions. If not having a problem with condis, use it to burn instead
    • Save signets and shouts for when weapon skills are on cooldown
    • Focus: Better for soloing
      • Use air and water 5 (gale and comet) for hard CC/breakbar contribution
      • Can be used with slightly different mix of slots to be both condi and reflect
    • Warhorn: Better if paired or zerg needs help
      • Continually use fire 5 and overload to keep might high
      • Rotate between fire and earth
      • Less hard CC

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