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EVOS AR Trade + Calculator

Discussion in 'Guild Announcements' started by Caesura, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Currently, there is a AR infusion trading initiative. We need materials for consumables that we use at Triple Trouble which includes feasts for power and condi, tomes for both and we have AR infusions to give in exchange. AR infusions are used to equip yourselves for t2-t4 fractals, so you don't take increased damage. Read more about how AR works here (and admire Intricty's work on writing the section on gearing).

    We rate the AR infusions at a discount of 30% off the market price for trades, so this is a nice way to stack your AR higher alongside doing daily fractals. The list of materials we are accepting is here, on the calculator: http://tinyurl.com/evosARcalc

    To use the calculator:
    1. Refresh the spreadsheet's data from the API by using the top menu Sheet Tools > Refresh.
    2. Click on the tab for the level of AR you want. +7/+9 infusions are stocked in the 2nd part of the guild bank, if you'd like to check current stock before trading.
    3. Find the line for the material you're trading for, then note the amount you will need, rounded up.
    4. Locate an online officer (ranked Life or Eagle) to trade with, and send them the materials as well as the copy and pasted line of the calculator: they will send you back the AR.
    5. Please don't try and trade with us during TT setup or run, as we will be busy then.

    If you're a crafter and would like access to the materials, please talk to an officer. The crafted items should be donated back to the guild.

    You may also donate AR to the guild if you'd like to support the initiative: simply place the AR in the second part of the guild bank. We appreciate the generous donations that have allowed us to make trades so far!
  2. Caesura

    Caesura EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    Please note that as of 3/21, the API is down indefinitely, until the API developers implement working rate limiting: once the API is back up, the calculator will be accurate again.
  3. Sylent

    Sylent EVOS Officer Staff Member EVOS Officer

    I believe the AR calculator is back online now...

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