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Condition Thief VenomShare Build TT

Discussion in 'Guides and Builds' started by John Crouissant, May 6, 2016.

  1. John Crouissant

    John Crouissant New Member

    I'm technologically inept but I'll give this a shot! Hi everyone I'm here to tell you how to bring your loving thief to Triple Trouble. While you are a much craved addition to the Zerg thanks to [Cluster Bomb] (Short Bow 2), you can also find a home among both defense teams! I have done Condition Team for a while and I prefer to use this build: The common Venom Share Thief. This build works best with a partner, but can easily solo a husk due to the ability to solo down a husk break bar.


    Formatting is tough. These are the specs I normally run. Starting from top to bottom.
    Deadly Arts
    This is where your poison comes from so go 1-3-1. First one [Dagger Training] makes sure that you can apply conditions when you run out of [Spider Venom]. 3 [Revealed Training] will add a little extra bonus after you stealth, It can be swapped with 2 [Panic Strike], but you normally don't have to worry about break bars with VS thief. Lastly is [Potent Poison] which adds more damage/duration to your poisons.
    Shadow Arts
    1-3-3 for shadow arts which brings you your Venom Sharing capabilities. [Last Refugee] can be swapped out for any of the first traits. Just make sure you have [Leaching Venoms] and [Venomous Aura]
    That extra initiative is so handy that comes from the
    Trickery spec. Mainly that is what we are here for as well as [Lead Strikes] and the steal cool down reduction. 1-3-2 is the way I go. I like [Uncatchable] for the extra bleed. [Pressure Striking], though I do swap it out for [Trickster] often, will add a tiny bit of damage to your steal when you get [Sleight of Hand]. [Sleight of Hand] helps break down the Husk's break bar.

    Skills and Weapons

    [Hide in Shadows]
    I use this to get rid of any drool that hits me. It also gives you an on hand stealth
    [Spider Venom] One of your main sources of condition damage. Make sure your partner is nearby to benefit from [Venomous Aura].
    [Skale Venom] Another big source of condition damage. Same applies from [Spider Venom]
    [Scorpion Wire] I use this as a fallback in case the husk bar doesn't break quick enough.
    [Basilisk Venom] A big source of bar break. MAKE SURE YOUR PARTNER IS HERE. If you're soloing and you miss a strike of [Basilisk Venom], you won't be able to break the bar. If you have a partner this will make the Husk Break Bar melt.


    Dagger/Dagger's 3 [Death Blossom] is a handy way to apply bleed as well as keep up your [Lead Strikes]. Your only other guaranteed condition here will come from [Double Strike]->[Wild Strike]->[Lotus Strike] which is your auto attack chain

    Short bow
    Short bow is great to have for when you DPS with zerg. I like to use it before I swap to Dagger as you can set up a Poison Combo with [Choking Gas] (4) and Dagger/Dagger's [Death Blossom], you might get a few poison projectiles. [Choking Gas] can add some poison to the husk, but if the husk is moving it can be hard to land.

    As Husk is being spit out ready [Basilisk Venom]. It is the only one with a cast time so you need a little prep if you want to break that bar quickly. Start with your short bow and when you can target the Husk, [Steal] onto him. The husk has 2 different items to steal. [Branch Bash] which will give you what you need to break bar or [Throw Gunk] which could give you more condi damage. If you get [Throw Gunk] use [Scorpion Wire] to bring down the bar. If you get [Branch Bash] go ahead and use it and throw down [Choking Gas] (you can throw down two or three if you want, each gives 4 stacks of poison over time). This triggers your 2 charges of [Basilisk Venom] and the husk bar should go down. After that switch to your Daggers, apply [Skale Venom] and [Spider Venom] and spam [Death's Blossom]. You want to make sure when you apply your venoms that each attack will hit the husk and that your partner is nearby. Once you run out of initiative switch to auto attack chains. Continue to use [Death's Blossom] to keep up your [Lead Strikes]. If husk hasn't gone down, you'll have [Scorpion Wire] and [Steal] up if the break bar comes back.

    Armor and Stuff

    Uhhh, I don't have much to my name in armor so I run with Carrion gear and Runes of Aristocracy. Of course Viper's/Sinister gear would be ideal. For ideal runes I'd suggest Superior Rune of the Krait.

    Thanks all! I hope you learned something. There are a few variations so go ahead and experiment on your own! Once I've mastered Reflect, I'll add that in too.

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