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Condi Ranger Guide - Box Defender and Husk Melter

Discussion in 'Guides and Builds' started by AbsolDesaster, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. AbsolDesaster

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    I was planning on eventually doing one of these, but well I have been busy with other things. Low and behold, the glorious Condi Ranger Guide for Husk Killing. The best thing about condi Ranger is that it is easy to use and is decently effective without super specialized gear (aka budget condi gear). The build is actually rather multipurpose as well: good in general PvE, nice DPS, decent break bar-killing potential with pet and its just really easy to use. Onto the guide:


    gw023 (2).jpg

    Skirmishing: 3-3-1
    - This one is THE most important trait line for condi ranger (for any condi ranger build) because of Quick Draw. Whenever you switch weapons the next weapon skill that you use will have reduced cooldown. You pretty much want to abuse this trait, comboing it with your Torch 5 skill for maximum condi damage, I'll get to this last bit later. As for the other traits you want to have Trapper's Expertise because not only does it improve condi duration from traps, but it also decreases their cooldown and makes them cause cripple which helps a little bit with the husk's break bar. I also use Hidden Barbs because it adds bleed damage and because Spotter is useless against husks because they take basically 0 physical damage (you're in condi team after all, it will spread to the people in your party and not to zerg, so its just better to take Hidden Barbs). Though, if you are taking this build to do some PvE then switch these two, the extra precision will be very welcome pretty much everywhere else.

    Wilderness Survival: 3-1-3
    - Next up is WS, we want to take this trait line because it reduces the cooldown of torch skills and adds 150 condi damage to your stats (you'll specially want this if you're on budget condi gear!). Your pets also get increased condi duration and condi damage with Expertise Training, and with Poison Master your pet will deal poison damage after you switch it in AND it boosts your poison damage too. The minor traits are nice to have as well, having extra endurance regen is always nice and the Protection after you roll is cool too.

    Beastmastery: 2-3-3
    - For the love of everything don't use Druid (at least on Condi Team), it does nothing for you in terms of damage and Beastmastery is just the best option overall. We want this because it give our pet some decent buffs, Companion's Might makes them cause bleed with crits, and Honed Axes is good for the cooldown reduction and makes your 3 skill an AoE bleed and chill (the chill being really important for break bars)


    gw025 (2).jpg

    Healing Spring
    : synergizes well with your armor runes if you ever need the extra burn
    Viper Nest: Low cooldown, nice
    Fire Trap: Really low cooldown, min/max burn damage hell yeah dude
    Sun Spirit: Use this as soon as you see the husk coming down. Again, min/max burn damage hell yeah dude
    Entangle: Good CC, just what you need to solo a break bar. The bleed is also really good.

    Other options:
    - Signet of the Hunt: for running around
    - Spike Trap: another trap that synergizes with the trait, has a launch so equip this instead of Viper Nest if you don't have your wolf pet.


    Kind of the most important thing for condi really. As i said, condi Ranger does well without super-optimal gear, that is of course, as long as you've got the right things on you.

    - Weapons: Axe and Torch
    - Sigils: Superior Sigil of Geomancy and Superior Sigil of Agony (super cheap, no excuse not to get these)​

    This one is pretty much the reason condi ranger does well. And yes, just axe and torch, nothing else.

    Remember that trait, Qucik Draw? Well its time to abuse it. "But I can't switch weapons with only the axe-torch equiped!" you say. Well i have a very simple solution for that. Equip your axe in the right hand slot of your first weapon set, and then equip your torch on the left hand slot of your second weapon set, like so:

    gw024 (2).jpg

    "omg i can switch weps now its like magic thanks pharis" I know, I know. You're welcome fren, now back to the trait thing. You want to switch weapons off cooldown. The trait has a 9 second cooldown, your weapon switch has a 9 second cooldown, Geomancy sigil has a 9 second cooldown. Y-yeah... just switch weapons as soon as you can. Now, after you switch weapons you want to use Torch 5 skill Bonfire. If you do it right the skill should go on a 6 second cooldown, the fire field itself lasts 8 seconds. Now do not use Bonfire as soon as it comes off cooldown, instead wait for your weapon switch to come back up and then and only then use it again (after switching weapons of course). This is very important because its your main damage skill, and because the field lasts 8 seconds you'll have it up almost 100% of the time if you do the combo right (89% of the time to be precise :^) )

    For the other skills you can use them off cooldown, though if you just switched weapons make sure you use Bonfire first, using a skill consumes the Quick Draw buff and we want that specifically for torch 5. Remember to use your axe 3 for break bars: this + Entangle + your wolf's F2 skill + the cripple from the traps = dead break bar => dead husk. I'll get to CC and break bars in a bit.

    - Armor:
    • If you have it use full Viper's set,
    • If you're going for the budget condi set run to Orr and get the karma exotic armor from Dwayna's temple (Rabid stats).
    - Runes: Superior Rune of Balthazar (Super cheap, burning duration is really good)

    To be added: Pet Managment and Strategy

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