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August 6th Meeting Summary - Event Changes, Ranks, Discord, PoF, &tc.

Discussion in 'Guild Announcements' started by Caesura, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Hi guys, in case you missed the meeting here is a summary of what we talked about. If someone has a transcript, they can post it in this thread if they want, but Dyne spent her time making meeting go instead, sorry, so you get a wall of text. ⭐

    First introduced—the new changes to the direction of EVOS. We are going to start focusing on getting general PVE events up and running. We still plan, at this time, to run Triple Trouble, but we want to start offering a wide variety of things to our members! Some things include (talked over various parts of the meeting):

    • Guild Fractal night: get a group of fellow guildies together to do fractals, now with fractal tutoring. Run by Tsu, Fear and Golkk.
    • World boss runs by Mukka, a return to them fun times that include every single timered boss in core Tyria.
    • HoT metas by a NUMBER OF TALENTED FOLKS. Oh my. So many, so much.
    • Some more hardcore stuff run by Sylent — low man TT, other metas, CMs, etc
    • Some jp trains by Mega, since that is a bunch of beautiful, well designed content that not everyone gets to do!

    Roze, Dyne and Sy will be putting together a calendar that will include the above, soon. And some more stuff—officially starting near the end of August. WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR EVENT ORGANIZERS AND HELPERS and we absolutely did not get to talk to everyone we wanted to before the meeting, though, so if you want to get involved, come talk to Sylent, Caesura or Roz.

    EVENT ORGANIZERS: we want to talk to you soon, but you can start doing a few trial runs of your events now! Come talk to the above officers if you need help getting stuff sorted out as to when/where/how.

    Secondly, we published a set of rules and ethos that follow the general rules we have been following for years. With it, we reminded folks that we really want everyone to take the idea of being friendly and accepting to heart: we’d appreciate it if people attempted to communicate their disagreements, as well as tried to help deescaltate incidents happening so that we can have the best, friendliest place we can have. The new rules and ethos guidelines are linked here: please take a look and familiarize yourself with them.

    Thirdly! With the expac we are looking to clear ranks a bit, and perhaps even redo the roster a bit. With this comes two changes which we are working out some of the finer details on:
    1. At the start of September we will be taking attendance at EVOS events: those members who do not show up to an event before the end of the month or do not talk to an officer about their membership in the guild will have their membership revoked. Basically, going back to the old scout are members of the guild who have not come to an event/tenderfoot folks are the ones that have distinction to clean house, and perhaps, depending on roster depth, keeping it up for a bit. (This does not apply to teachers exactly—they still have their own activity guidlines—or honor scouts, who have none, but who we appreciate showing up anyway.)

    2. With the advent of a more event based structure, we are thinking of changing the ranks to fit this more closely: we are considering collapsing the current TT based ranks into one rank and having a separate rank for other events. With the third rank, we would probably use it as equivalent to our current Tenderfoot rank, ie, acknowledging those who are active and participating in the organization of guild events. We will keep track of the nature of the roles externally, but this move comes from the fact that we do not have enough ranks in the guild structure to give each of the things we wish to acknowledge a separate rank. Mini suggested perhaps collapsing the officer ranks, a notion that the officers will consider internally.

    In any case, when we settle on the new rank structure there will be both a public announcement and a poll conducted with the current teachers to see where they'd like to be ranked as we know that there's some crossover between event organizers and teachers.

    Fourthly! We have a Discord server almost set up! We are looking for responsible and considerate EVOS members to help us moderate it! We will consider our choices and then start sending out invites to others soon! Right now, the discord has GW2bot, a music bot, some voice channels, and is strictly optional, but is going to replace teamspeak and the raid discord (will be merged into the general one), so we do recommend signing up for Discord now. Especially since we have placed some mild antibot measures on the server, including having a registered account. Talk to Roze and Dyne.

    Fifthly! A bunch of small announcements!
    • We have not decided if we’re gonna move to the PoF only guild hall: but we do know if we do so it will also come with a gold cost, that of loosing all our placement of decor, including JPs, friends, statuary, etc as they will be placed in storage during the move and reclamation. We don’t want to make the choice sight-unseen so we are planning on holding a vote after October 22nd.
    • Looking for PoF metas with Pharis—he’s looking for stuff for the guild to do in the long term; a niche event with a decent community demand we can specialize on. He wants to pick something fast, and get the runs going fast so that we can consolidate a spot as a known organizer. This will also depend on the guild’s feedback, so scout the new maps for interesting metas, and sometime near release a poll will be made so that a decision can be made.
    • Guild schedule post PoF including days off, etc, will be determined by the officers after we see that demo. We will probably be taking at least three days off (Friday that the expac releases to Sunday night) at a minimum.
    • Fear is running a GW1 run! GUILD WARS ONE STORYTIME YEAH. Details here!
    • KARAOKE NIGHT IS COMING AT THE END OF THE MONTH. You will need a mic set up and a song you can play on the bot in discord (youtube vid, soundcloud link, etc.). We are planning for other small fun off-GW2 things like Town of Salem, Cards Against Humanity, or other party games that will scale well for groups of 4-8 people. Suggestions can be directed at Roze (he swears he's gonna be taken back from the pokemans hunting in a few weeks!)
    • TAYLOR WANTS YOUR SIEGE DECOR. How siege decor acquisition works. Please note the officers are glad for donations but want you to spend your skirmish chests on what you want.
    • RAID NIGHT is here, all hail RAID NIGHT. We are going to trial moving raids to Saturday from :15 minutes after reset straight into TT! We are going to start doing some demoing of builds! We are going to have some more dedicated raids versus the training raids that will run alongside it! We want to loop in folks learning how to lead raids! THINGS ARE HAPPENING.

    Sixth and finally! A NEW LOTTO IS HAPPENING. Details are here. All proceeds are going to keeping guild events running, so please rest easy knowing you're contributing to the upkeep of the guild. Thanks again to Jay for their generous support.

    Whoo. This meeting had a lot of info!
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