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Amber Commander Words and Such

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2 Discussions' started by JL (Rat), Jun 3, 2016.

  1. JL (Rat)

    JL (Rat) New Member

    Hey guys, this is just from my notes over the past few shadowings and comms I've done. Just wanted to come up with a basic idea for what to say to the zerg. Let me know any comments and things I may have missed! It's not perfect, but any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!


    Hello everyone, and welcome to the Amber Squad! I am your hostess with the mostess, Queenie.

    Please listen up as I go through a run down of the wurmie basics

    Most of the time our big wurm mama is invulnerable to our attacks, so every wurm head has a different dynamic to make them vulnerable.

    In Amber’s case, she’s a bit of a foodie. She likes the taste of all of us, and she just wants to love you with her stomach! We have a few steps to take before we can get in her belly.

    There are Abominations which we must attack in order to get a delicious sauce smeared all over us and make us appetizing for the wurm mama. Please wait for my command to attack the abomination, when I shout ABOM.

    As a side note, the first Abomination we see is a fake. Do not attack it!

    Once we kill the ABOM, stay close to it to get the delicious juices all over you. Afterwards, we will all stand on the designated spot with green gas coming out of it

    We want to stack as close together on this spot, at which point I will call out STAB. This means to please put up resistance and stability fields so that we can stay alive and not get knocked down.

    (Any questions so far?)

    After wurm mama eats us for her afternoon snack, turn behind you in her stomach and locate the harpoon. Shoot at her stomach valve (can’t miss it, lots of big pointy teeth).

    Shoot at this valve until the health bar disappears, when I will yell HOLD. This means to stop your fire and save your harpoon! There will be only one shot left when mama wurm up-chucks us.

    Once outside of her, please target wurm mama and run towards her/inside of her and fire your last shot. This makes her vulnerable to our attacks!

    I want everyone to stack tightly together in the wurm with me, where I will shout BURN. This means please use only FIRE FIELDS and BLAST FINISHERS. If you are unsure what moves to use, hover your cursor over your moves and look for ones that said “fire field” or “blast finisher”.

    We stack tightly together and use only these moves to raise our MIGHT, and we want that to get as high as possible. I will be monitoring this, and when we get our highest might I will yell ALL.

    Use whatever moves you like to make the most damage possible when I yell ALL, and keep attacking until you see 0 damage. At 0 damage I will yell OFF, followed by VETS.

    VETS means to only attack veteran wurms. After mama spits us out, she will have a slightly upset tummy that causes an effect on us. I will be watching to see when the effect wears off, when I will once again yell ABOM.

    (Any questions up to this point?)

    A few final notes! Please have pets on passive and do not use Minions. We don’t want them running off and attacking things! Also, do not touch the Husks! We have a condi team who is dedicated to keeping us safe from these bad, bad boys. ;)

    As a recap! BURN = Fire fields and blast finishers, ABOM = Abomination, OFF = stop attacking, VETS = Attack Veteran wurms, STAB = use stability and resistance skills, ALL = use all attacks

    Warriors, please have Battle Standards ready incase of wipe.
  2. Denair Saphnir

    Denair Saphnir New Member

    Seems fine.

    You may want to note where the Wurm Bait achievement is in the event people want it, though.
  3. JL (Rat)

    JL (Rat) New Member

    I knew I was forgetting that xD. Thank you!
  4. Internet Mom

    Internet Mom New Member

    Looks good - the intro has a lot of fluff tho. Not a problem but TMI overload could make a zerg tune out.

    You forgot to mention shattering clones and illusions for mesmers.

    For decap, since it's not covered at all, the main thing is no wall stacking. Stack on your tag. Stay between the wurm and the wall. Use ranged attacks to bring it in at first, don't run to it if you don't have to. Warriors have Battle Standard ready. Use CC skills for quick BB (breakbar) removal.

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