A Warm (and Wurmy) Hello from the Ratpack!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by JL (Rat), May 25, 2016.

  1. JL (Rat)

    JL (Rat) New Member

    I just recently signed up with the forum, so here goes...

    Hello everyone! My name is JL or Rat, The Ratpack Queen Charr thief. Many of you have already seen me sleeping around on the camp fire before TT, and some even got the chance to see my very first command of the Amber squad last night (excited for more!)

    I wanted to create this thread so I can get a sense of all the members who actively view the forum, and make an introduction. Please other members, if you would like, write a little about yourself! If you too are a new member as I am, I'd love to meet my fellow new recruits!

    In addition, please accept this token offering of a cute rat snoot.

    See you all in the fray!
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  2. Eglow

    Eglow New Member

    Hello. My name is Eglow:):D
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  3. JL (Rat)

    JL (Rat) New Member

    Eglow is only Eglow is best Eglow.
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  4. Aileen

    Aileen New Member

    Hi I'm Aileen, I'm a tree who likes to set things on fire 8 ). You can usually find me on the condi hill if you wanna say hi
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  5. HuskYzPinto

    HuskYzPinto RnT Officer RnT Officer EVOS Member

    hey hey ! o/ (you should be able to guess who I am :D)
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  6. Eglow

    Eglow New Member

    A wonderful Lady Husy
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  7. Internet Mom

    Internet Mom New Member

    I bet you can't guess who I am.

    HI BBY welcome aboard!
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  8. redkite

    redkite New Member

    Hey there, I've seen you in game a few times. You've probably seen me too as either Tiberilla Nearfang (charr necro) or Muaffe (asura ranger), or both.
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